CECD2 April Meeting

Screen Shot 2017-04-21 at 5.01.31 PM.pngThe next calendar/working business meetings are scheduled for Wednesday, April 26st at 6:30 pm. The meetings will be held at PS 11, located at  320 W. 21st Street. 

Our Calendar Meeting will include:

  • Resolutions will include comment on: Proposed Charter MS Co-location at PS 111, Transparency in MS rubrics for applicants without test scores, Naming the MS 297 for Jane Jacobs, NEA Funding.
  • Discussion on the Diversity Committee Vision Statement

Resolutions and complete meeting agenda will be circulated shortly.

As always, there are public sessions for the members of the public to speak. 

Babysitting and light refreshments will be provided.




Dear Third Grade Parents,

Happy Spring!

Throughout this school year, 3rd grade students have been learning choir singing, tonality/meter identification, rhythmic/note recognition, and world music history and appreciation. In the month of March, we focused upon learning two-part choir singing for the upcoming Spring Concert.  Part of the 3rd grade music curriculum is playing the recorder.  All 3rd grade students will resume learning to play the recorder after the Spring Concert this Friday.

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Spring First Grade Curriculum

Screen Shot 2017-04-26 at 11.12.31 AM.pngHello Spring!

Just a quick update to fill everyone in on what we have been working on in first grade.

In writing we are doing the very exciting work of writing realistic fiction stories. Creating characters, imagining adventures and working to get their characters out of trouble we have been hard at work as authors. Specifically, we have been adding details, making our characters move, think and feel.  We are working hard to bring our stories to life.  We are currently working on writing a series of books that feature the same characters.  We have learned that series authors have big jobs to do.  We look forward to sharing our Realistic Fiction Series with you in the coming weeks!

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Art Room- Ms. Michelle

Every day in Room 241, I challenge students with artistic projects that develop their critical thinking skills, problem solving abilities and at the same time, nurture their creative self-expression. Our art classroom also focuses on core values and language skills with whole group discussions that are designed to build awareness of art history and cultural differences.

Here is what is happening across the grades:

Kindergarten: Lines, Shapes and Colors

unnamed-2.jpgIt may look like rain…. but to kindergarten students it is much, much more! K-101 and K-106 counnamed-6ntinue to learn about the elements of art such as line, shape and color. With this exploration they are able to create rapid movement lines for the rain and semi-circle shapes for umbrellas. In addition, students worked on creating secondary colors inside a color wheel for a very beautiful weather scene.

First Grade: The Diarama and Triarama

unnamed-5 copy.jpg  Students are in process of completing their amazing stage settings with characters from their favorite stories. They connected literature study with various materials as well as a focus on background, mid-ground and foreground. They folded flat shapes to create a three dimensional design, and discovered how to add beautiful details to enhance their art.


2nd Grade: Color Theroy                                   Children just studied color connections and the life and art of Wassily Kandinsky. They focused on creating analogous and monochromatic color schemes in a circular design. In their next project, they learned about Paul Klee and his love for abstraction and child friendly themes. Students used rulers and pastels to carefully render a balanced castle inspired by the Bauhaus style of Klee. Excellent work!

3rd Grade: Positive – Negative Space

Positive and nunnamed-3.jpgegative space plays an important role in the overall composition of a work of art. Our students in third grade learned how to identify this feature and then design original art with color pencils and also paper collage. They made a connection to graphic artist  Tang Yau Hoong whose work specializes in art and space. Their extraordinary work is on display outside of the art room on the second floor.

4th Grade: Fine Art Drawing

unnamed.jpgObservational drawing is an exciting and challenging unit. Students learn to use their visual skills as they practice realistic representation with a still life setting. The emphasis is on the element of art “value” as the children learn the greyscale by practicing with charcoal for cross-hatching, blending and stipple shading. Students have viewed the drawing style of Albrecht Durer, Manet and Winslow Homer for discussion and inspiration.     The next few lessons will focus on contour drawing and how to use a viewfinder.


5th Grade: Clay – Pinch Pot                                                                                                                 Fifth grade artists focus on 3 dimensional sculpture as they learn the craft of pinch pot making, wedging and coil molding with clay. They will paint and glaze their art using metallics, as we study the history, and design of ancient Greek pottery and urns.

It’s a fun, messy and beautiful experience.

Dear 4th and 5th Grade Families – Spring Concert on Wednesday, May 10th at 6:00 p.m. in the auditorium

DSC_0585Happy Spring!


We are pleased to announce the 4th and 5th grade orchestra and choir Spring Concert on Wednesday, May 10th at 6:00 p.m. in the auditorium.  Please be aware that the school-wide assembly for students in grades K-3 will also take place on this date at 1:45pm.

The students have worked very hard throughout the year and they are eager to share what they have learned with you.  I am proud of the students’ hard work and appreciate your parental support in their music-making journey during this school year.

For the evening performance, students are to report to the music classroom (M35)  by 5:30 p.m. for tuning and to set up the stage.

The dress code for the evening performance is as follows:

  • Boys: Black pants, white collared dress shirts (black ties/bowties are encouraged), and dark dress shoes
  • Girls: Black skirts/dresses and white blouses or dress shirts, and dark dress shoes

We encourage all students to participate in our annual concert, so please mark this date in your calendar!  If you have any questions or concerns, please email me at jkim@lowerlab.org.

As always, thank you for the support of the Music Program.


Ms. Kim