In order to make the school community a success, it is beneficial when all families pitch in. Your parental support and participation are at the core of the Lower Lab School’s philosophy. The school encourages and needs parental involvement to continue its level of excellence. There are many volunteer activities to choose from, and all PTA events, activities and projects are the result of the efforts of parent volunteers. The PTA funds extra enrichments such as a music teacher, teaching assistants in every classroom including science and art, a consulting psychologist for parent sessions and workshops, computer education, grade level programs and even the photocopy machine.

The PTA is established as a Type B not-for-profit corporation to:

  • Serve as an advocate for our children’s education.
  • Promote communication and cooperation among the parents, faculty and administration.
  • Encourage parent and teacher interaction and involvement by providing opportunities for members’ education on issues pertaining to the children’s education.
  • Solicit, receive, maintain and disburse funds to provide materials, equipment, programming, and personnel to assist in the education of the children in the school and as more specifically set forth in it’s certificate of incorporation.

All parents, guardians or persons in a parental relationship to children currently attending the New York City Lower Lab School and all teachers are considered members of the PTA. Each family is entitled to one vote and each teacher is entitled to one vote. General PTA meetings are generally held the third Wednesday of every month at 8:15AM in the cafeteria


Parents Make the Difference Parental support and participation are at the core of the Lab School’s philosophy. The school encourages and needs parental involvement on many levels–volunteering time, donating goods, services or money–to continue its level of excellence.


It is to the benefit of everyone in the Lab School community, especially the children, that all parents pitch in. There are many volunteer activities to choose from, and all PTA events, activities and projects are the result of the efforts of parent volunteers. Fundraising is one of the chief concerns of the PTA, and your help and leadership will be required to make a success of our efforts. The PTA funds such Lab School “extras” as a music teacher, teaching assistants, a consulting psychologist, music and orchestra program, classroom enrichments through out every grade and even our photocopy machine!


Check the website calendar for specific meeting dates and times


In order to ensure that we can provide our school with expanded programs and activities, we do a lot of fundraising. It is extremely important to have as much parent participation as possible. You can give a few hours, a few days or a few months at a time—every minute is helpful. You will receive a separate list of various fundraisers that are held throughout the year. Also check on the website for any updates.

  • Auction — The school’s annual spring auction is the largest social fundraiser of the year. It’s an “adults only” night of fun, food and bidding on the donated goods and services that Lab parents have solicited from all over the city.  This is our biggest fundraiser traditionally takes place in the spring. Not only is it a chance to socialize with other parents, teachers and school staff, but to make money from the items and services that have been solicited and donated by parents like you. Each Lab family is encouraged to solicit at least two donations for this event. This fundraiser requires many parents to participate and volunteer their time, energy and creativity.
  • Book Fair — Each spring and fall, the Lower Lab hosts an in school book fair that coincides with the parent/teacher conferences. The school sells books over two days both to raise money and to create a way for parents to buy books for the classroom libraries. The chairperson of this event works with the vendors, publicizes the event, and organizes a group of 20-25 parent volunteers to help set up and staff the fair
  • Fall Fair / Spring Fling— One weekend day each Fall and Spring, the school yard and adjacent street become a carnival of games, rides, activities, entertainment, food and vendors.  It is our school tradition to have fall fair festival in the large school yard on a designated weekend. The school yards turns into a carnival of games, rides, entertainment, food and vendors.
  • Family Photo Day — in the fall the PTA sponsors a family photo day. A photographer comes to the school to take that long overdue family photo.
  • Gift Wrap — In September, parents are sent home materials to sell gift wrap. For this fundraiser, parents and students typically sell at home and work, to friends, relatives, neighbors and business associates.
  • Online Shopping – On the Lower Lab website, we have established a shopping network with popular online stores, such as Barnes and Noble, Target,, The Gap and many more. Every time you shop online a cash portion of your purchases goes to the school. Before you sit down and shop….log on to our school website!
  • Box Tops for Education: There are money household products that we purchase daily that participate in this program.  Just cut out the little “Box Tops for Education” stamp on the box or wrapper. The more we collect, the more money the school raises. If you have a connection with a corporation that buys products with these stamps on them, please see if you can work out a system of collecting them.
  • Halloween Party — Each year the PTA has a Halloween Party! Volunteers are needed to plan and implement the party each year.
  • Summer Read-a-Thon — Lab students read all summer long, and a medal ceremony each Fall rewards our young readers. Many students choose to collect pledges for their reading effort to raise money for our school! The Read-A-Thon promotes reading, and allows our students to take part in giving back.
  • Pledge Drive — Every year, each family is asked to make a voluntary contribution to the PTA. This money makes up the largest piece of the PTA’s budget. The PTA aims for 100 percent participation of our families, regardless of the amount of the contribution. This is our main sources of PTA funds. While no family is required to pledge funds, our goal is 100% participation. Lower Lab family may make a contribution of any amount. These funds sustain our school enrichments programs and teacher assistants.
  • Variety  Show –– Each spring, parent volunteers coordinate a talent show for those students who wish to participate. The performance takes place on a weekday evening in front of an audience of fellow students, families, friends and invited guests.
  • Valentine’s Dance – Each year the PTA has a Valentine’s Dance Party! Volunteers are needed to plan and implement the party each year.
  • International Night
  • Ice Skating Party 


  • Budget — Budget Committee – Meets in the spring to review the current year’s budget and draw up the budget for the upcoming school year. Any parent is invited to come to this meeting if you have concerns about the distribution and expenditures of the PTA funds
  • Fundraising — The fundraising committee brainstorms new fundraising ideas and presents them to the executive board for review.
  • Grant — The Grant Committee members research and apply for monies and funds that increase resources to the school budget as determined by parents, faculty and the school administration.
  • Health and Safety — The main function of this committee is to advocate for the health and safety of the children in the school. The size of the committee expands and contracts based on need. Some of the issues we have addressed: school building safety, playground safety, bus safety procedures, air-conditioning, window replacement, school wide lice control, rodent control, bathroom hygiene, lighting and electrical issues and educational assemblies. Volunteers are always needed.
  • Playground Volunteering – The Lower Lab School uses three playground locations adjacent to the school building for recess recreation. The children benefit from additional supervision in the cafeteria and on their designated yard. The school greatly appreciates parents who volunteer to assist with playground supervision. We ask that parents volunteer for any number of days per month. (*Please refer to the guidelines for recess duty.) Lunch and Recess Guidelines
  • LabTalk — An informal, newsy, monthly bulletin, LabTalk keeps parents current on school happenings and PTA projects. A calendar of events, announcements and committee reports are among the items that are featured
  • Peer Mediation — Fifth Graders are trained in Peer Mediation and help out fellow students at lunch and recess when conflicts arise
  • Web Site — The web site committee is responsible for the development and upkeep of the Lab School’s PTA web site.


The executive board of the PTA governs the PTA according to its accepted bylaws. It is the goal of the executive board to support the vision of the school through fundraising and implementation of programs. Executive Board members are elected in accordance to the bylaws.

The meetings are generally held each month and are open to the community. The schedule is posted on the school website. Anyone from Lab School may attend; however. only elected executive board members are allowed to vote.

In addition to Executive Board meetings and general PTA meetings the PTA also coordinates monthly “Principals Grade Representative” meetings. Each month, elected grade representatives meet with the Principal to discuss matters of concern to parents with students in each grade. (i.e. homework, health and safety, etc.)

The structure of the officers of the PTA is as follows:


  • The co-Presidents (2 to 3) preside over the general membership and Executive Board meetings. The Co-Presidents act as liaisons between the parent body and the administration. In addition, the Co-Presidents are ex officio members of all committees (except the Nominating Committee). They have final approval over all PTA-related correspondence. One Co-President is designated to sign checks. One co-President is a mandatory member of the SLT.

Vice-Presidents (1) VP of Public Affairs – The First Vice President:

  • act as assistant to the Co-Presidents and preside at meetings in their absence.
  • attend one of two District 2 School Board meetings each month and represent the Lab School as a voting member of Parents’ Council.
  • coordinate the attendance of the External Affairs representatives for the remaining School Board Meetings, and other meetings requiring the representation of the PTA.
  • report back monthly to the general membership of the PTA and keep the PTA informed on issues that affect the school.

Co-VP’s of Fundraising – The Co-Vice Presidents for Fund Raising plan, coordinate and supervise all fund raising efforts.

(1) VP of Personnel – The Vice President for Personnel administer personnel policies and payroll for the PTA funded positions.

Co-Secretaries (3)

  • The co-Secretaries (3) share the duties of the Recording and Corresponding Secretaries. The responsibilities include keeping accurate minutes at Executive Board and general PTA meetings and attending to general correspondence of the PTA. They also distribute copies of PTA meeting minutes to parents and notify PTA and board members in advance of all meetings. One Co-Secretary is designated to sign checks.

Treasurer (1)

  • The Treasurer has custody of all moneys of the PTA, keeps record of receipts and expenditures and provides financial reports. The Treasurer also ensures compliance with all government reporting requirements and is designated to sign checks. The Assistant Treasurer assists the Treasurer and has the responsibility for depositing money received by the PTA.

External Affair Representatives (4)

  • The External Affairs Representatives shall serve as delegates and alternates to the United Parents Association, if and when the Lab School is a member of UPA. Each representative is also required to attend at least three District 2 School Board meetings in addition to other meetings requiring parent representation when the Vice President of Public Relations is unable to attend. The External Affairs Representatives shall assist the Vice President of Public Relations in reporting back monthly to the general membership of the PTA and keeping the PTA informed on issues that affect the school.

Grade Representatives (2 per grade) represent each grade on the Executive Board.

  • The primary function of the Grade Representatives is to facilitate communication among the PTA, the Class Parents and the Executive Board.  Representatives are required to attend the monthly executive board meetings which are held each month.


Every September, class parents volunteer to act as a liaison between parents and grade delegates and provide support services for the classroom teacher. Such services may include assisting in the classrooms, accompanying the class on field trips, mandatory school auction participation and telephone networking. If you are interested in becoming a class parent, please speak with your child’s teacher as soon as possible.


The easiest way to support Lower Lab School — start your online shopping at the Lower Lab School’s website, choose from your favorite brands and merchants and the Lower Lab School PTA will earn an affiliate commission at no additional cost to you!  


Project Cicero is a not-for-profit partnership of more than ninety New York City Independent, Parochial and Public Schools, The New York Society Library, Children for Children Foundation, Vornado Realty Trust, and the New YOrk Post, in association with The New York City Teaching Fellows and Teach for America New York. Project Cicero is proud to be doing its part to protect the environment through its reuse activities and is delighted to be included in the New York City Materials Exchange Development Program’s inaugural reuse study, 

Monday, March 7, 2016 through Thursday, March 9, 2016

 Please help stock under-resourced libraries in New York City schools.  PROJECT CICERO collects new and gently used books for children and young adults. Books should be in new or excellent condition.  They need early readers through teenage fiction and all non-fiction (including reference books, biographies, science and math), both hardcover and paperback.  Picture books are welcome.  Reference materials should not be more than five years old.  Note: PROJECT CICERO does not accept discards from school libraries, textbooks or books for adults.

 Donated books will be given to teachers to build their classroom libraries.  Your books can help a child discover the joy of reading – what a wonderful way to reuse books your children are no longer reading!

 This is Lower Lab’s third year of participation and we hope our families will again support this labor of love.  If you would like more information about this event or to read thank you letters from the children and teachers who have benefited from this program, please visit 


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