Isador and Ida Entrance

During the regular school days, all children are dropped off and dismissed at the Third Avenue entrance between East 95th and East 96th Streets.  The official school day is from 8:15 AM- 2:35 PM.  Early drop off begins at 8:00 AM. Children may enter the Auditorium at this time and sit with their classmates until the teacher arrives to escort the students to their classroom. Breakfast is also available in the cafeteria during this time.

Please note that only the Kindergarten children will have staggered drop off times during the first days of the new school year.

You do not need to call the Main Office if your child will be a few minutes late.  Please go directly to the PS 77 Main Office and sign the student in.  The only reason to call the school regarding a child’s absence is if their illness is contagious, i.e.—strep, lice or if they will be out for 3 or more consecutive days.

Children who arrive late must go directly to the Main Office where they will be entered into the late log and issued a late pass. Children in Kindergarten or First Grade are advised to have a parent escort the to the Main Office when arriving late.


The pick up location for all children will be at the Third Avenue entrance between E. 95thand E. 96th Street.  Kindergarten – 2nd grade will be dismissed through the center doors.   3rd – 5th graders will come out of the other two side doors.   Teachers will not release children to anyone other than the parent/caregiver or a pre-designated person that the office and teacher have been made aware of previously.  If you are having your child picked up by someone other than the pre-designated person, you must send a note to your child’s teacher via backpack stating who will be picking up the child.   If someone other than the parent will be picking up the child on a regular basis, please add this person to the student’s Blue Emergency Contact Card in the Main Office as one of the persons allowed to pick up the child.  The teacher will not release the child to anyone that is not listed on the Blue Card, or another classmate’s parent without prior written permission.  If you forget to send a note, please fax the school at 212-423-0634 before 12:00 noon. Phone calls or emails will not be accepted.  The fax must include a parent’s signature. Emails are not acceptable.

Kindergarten children are dismissed 5 minutes earlier than the other grades’ standard dismissal time of 2:35 PM

For your child’s safety, before leaving the school dismissal area, please make sure that your child shakes hands with their teacher. The person picking up the student must be acknowledged by the teacher.

To protect the safety of the children, any adult authorized to pick up a Lower Lab student will be asked to present a picture i.d. and must know the child’s first and last names and classroom number. A note from the parent or guardian should be sent that morning to the teacher stating someone else will be picking them up, state the time, and give a number where you can be reached.

Children should not be picked up early from school, except when parents have been contacted by the school nurse, for medical or dental emergencies. Please do not schedule routine doctor or dental appointments during school hours.

Please note: If you are picking up a child before the end of school day dismissal, please go directly to the Main Office. Children will not be released to a parent/guardian/caregiver from their classroom.

Please try not to be late when picking up children at the end of the day. Late pick-ups are extremely upsetting to the child.  Students who are not picked up at dismissal time will wait in the Auditorium with school staff and parents or caregivers will sign children out from that location.  This will help to expedite the dismissal process.

The Main Office closes at 4PM. Students not picked up after 4:00 PM can be taken to the local police precinct #19.  Main Office closes at 4 pm and supervision of children after that time is not available

Dismissal to Bus

At 2:25 PM, students taking the bus are excused and escorted by teaching assistants to the school’s Mezzanine level.  The students are supervised by our School Aide and Teaching Assistants until each bus pulls up to the school drop off/pick up bus door location on the E. 95th Street Cafeteria door.

Dismissal to Afterschool

At 2:35 PM students attending the  Beacon afterschool programs are escorted by teachers to the Cafeteria on their way to dismissal. The students attending other afterschool programs either wait in the auditorium for pick up or wait in designated locations supervised by a program representative.  If you child is not attending After school on a particular day, it is the responsibility of the caregiver or family to inform that afterschool program that you child will not be in attendance.

Get Well Soon

What to do when your child is sick / Absences

We ask parents/guardians to keep their child at home during the early infectious period of a cold, illness or communicable disease. All students who have been absent from school must bring a note to the classroom teacher from their parent(s)/guardian stating the reason for their absence. The teacher forwards the note to the Main Office. This allows the Main Office to “code” the absence as excused or unexcused. All absences, both excused and unexcused, are reported on report cards.  It is suggested that a doctor’s note accompany absences due to contagious illnesses. A copy of a doctor’s note should be provided to the teacher and the Parent Coordinator.

Please check the school calendar carefully so that you can plan your family vacations and non-emergency plans when school is not in session. Taking your child out of school for family trips is against New York City regulations and strongly discouraged; more importantly it is academically and socially disruptive to your child’s learning and puts added responsibility on your child’s teacher. But if your family needs to travel for an emergency, please go to the Main Office and provide the school with travel itinerary, address and valid phone number where you’ll be visiting and also send a note the classroom teacher. Attendance is carefully documented in the Main Office and any extended period of absences from school can result in a parent/teacher conference. Parents are encouraged to also notify the Main Office via phone (212) 427-2798 if his/her child will be out of school for more than 3 days or has a contagious illness.You may request that the teacher put aside work for your child to make up on his/her return to school in the case of illness so that the teacher may keep the child current with schoolwork. Make sure that the teacher has adequate time to fulfill your request. Also, find a Homework Buddy or another child in the class who lives near you and set up a partnership so that he/she could backpack class work to your child.