Children who begin the day with something in their stomach are able to concentrate and learn. Free Breakfast is available for all students in the schools Cafeteria beginning at 8:00 AM.

The New York public schools system wants all students to have the opportunity to eat a healthy breakfast each morning.

Lunch in the Cafeteria is available for everyone who pays a nominal fee. If you are interested in the lunch program, get an application from Ann Flores in the Lower Lab Main Office. Fill out the form and backpack to school with a check made out to the Lower Lab School Lunch Account. is the link for the DOE school meals program. Check for school lunch menus at the following site: Be sure to indicate the month and borough for school menus.

Students eat lunch with their classmates at their assigned classroom table. After eating, children proceed directly to the schoolyard for outdoor play, weather permitting. During inclement weather — (rain, ice, snow or temperatures below 32 degrees,) students watch a video that is shown in the Auditorium or go to gym or return to classroom for a class activity. School aides, Teacher Assistants, Staff and parent volunteers supervise children at this time.

The use of electronic toys and ipods are not permitted during indoor recess.

The school is happy to accept donations of age appropriate videos and board games in good condition for students to enjoy during these periods.