PS 77 Back EntranceThe main entrance  of PS 77 is on Third Ave. There is a full time Security Agent posted at this door and parents should use this entrance when entering the building. An alternate entrance  to the building is the E. 95th Street (between Lexington Avenue and Third Avenue).

All adults must present a photo ID when arriving at either entrance and sign in with the security agent. You then will be issued a name-tag to wear during your visit. As a Department of Education safety rule, baby strollers and bicycles are not permitted beyond the security desk.

Also, please be aware that bicycles, scooters, skateboards or wheeled shoes should not be ridden on or around school property, during or after school hours. If you are attending a class or grade event it is imperitive that families use the Third Ave. entrance. Once you are given a name tag, you may go directly to the classroom or Auditorium after passing the security desk and showing your ID.