Parent Teacher Conferences

logo of bannerParent Teacher Conferences occur twice during the school year, once in November and another in March. These conferences are usually ten minutes in duration. Both parents/guardians are encouraged to attend to discuss the student’s progress and are a precursor for formal report cards (Jaunuary and June). Children of divorced/separated parents must schedule conferences together. Conferences with teacher specialists (art, music, science, etc.) are also available. Parents are urged to advise teachers of matters which might affect a child’s performance, i.e.—birth of a sibling, illness, divorce or death in the family.

Teachers will contact parents via backpack, to to establish a conference schedule. Scheduled times will either be in the afternoon or evening. Parents will be asked to select various times that works best for you. A final schedule will be backpacked to all families once the time slots are finalized.

If additional time is needed, parents may contact the teacher for a meeting or telephone conference to discuss a particular issue by sending a written note in your child’s backpack or call the Main Office and leave a message.