Lower Lab Students are responsible for knowing, understanding and following the rules and routines their teachers establish and those established by the principal. A copy of the Chancellors Discipline Code will be sent home the start of the school year for your review and signature. All the rules are important to help us respect and support the school, our peers, our teachers and ourselves. We also ask the parents/guardians and caregivers to help the school and cooperate in observing these rules when you are in the building with the children or on school grounds.

  • No cell phones are to be used on school grounds;
  • No gum or gum chewing;
  • No hats, caps or playful head pieces can be worn in the school building;
  • No bicycles, scooters, skates, wheeled shoes or toys;
  • No electronic toys or games (Ipods, Nintendos, PSP or handheld devices) during school hours.
  • No running in the building, excluding during gym;
  • All students are to read and sign a behavioral contract that will be reviewed and signed by the parent/guardian.

The school is not responsible for lost or stolen unregulated items.

As we approach the warm weather, it is important for safety reasons as well as ensuring an appropriate learning environment where students can comfortably participate in all activities that students are dressed for school appropriately.  Clothing is expected to be neat, clean and appropriate for school as we are an educational institution. Clothing that is “too” short is not appropriate.

The following are suggestions:

  • Straps on tank tops should be 2 inches wide (the three finger rule); spaghetti straps should be avoided, particularly when worn alone
  • Short-shorts should be avoided
  • Sunglasses are not necessary, except outside
  • Footwear should be appropriate for playing outdoors

While Lower Lab does not have an official dress code, we offer these guidelines to support parents in talking with their students on appropriate dress for school. The earlier that you begin these conversations with your children, the easier it will be as a parent to manage these expectations as your child gets older.

In general, if you or your children are questioning whether something is or is not appropriate to wear to school, it is probably not.