Weather / School Closings

The Chancellor decides when NYC schools will be closed or delayed for opening. School information will be announced on the following stations:

snow shovelWINS (1010 AM radio)
WCBS (880 AM radio)
NY 1 (Channel 1 on Time Warner Cable TV)

In the case of a two-hour opening delay, all students who arrive at the two-hour delay time will be considered punctual and will not be marked late. On delayed days, regular school buses will run delayed two hours in the a.m. Regular dismissal times will be the same. Neither individual schools nor school districts can independently dismiss students early. Only the Chancellor can make that decision through radio and television announcements.


In the event that the school needs to be evacuated please call 311 to find out location where school has been evacuated to.

Students will not be released until the entire school has reached the evacuation site. Every attempt will be made to notify parents of the evacuation upon reaching that site. Parents who are in the building during the evacuation will be asked to accompany the classes to the emergency evacuation site.Upon reaching the evacuation site, the transportation companies serving our busing students will be notified to reroute their vehicles to the appropriate evacuation location.