The Art Room with Ms. Michelle

 In Room 241  I challenge students with artistic projects that develop their critical thinking skills, problem solving abilities and at the same time, nurturetheir creative self-expression. Our art classroom also focuses on core values and language skills with whole group discussions that are designed to build awareness of art history and cultural differences.

Here is what is happening across the grades – June 2017:

Kindergarten: Lines, Shapes, Colors and Symmetry with Butterflies 


First Grade: “The More I Look, the More that I Find”                                                                                                                                                                                          20170601_100025-2.jpgThe modern artist Louise Nevelson was the source of inspiration with First Grade. They learned that her relief art encouraged the viewer to look deeply into her work and find interesting shapes. Students then created a line design with black sharpies and then added geometric shapes. As they looked closely at their designs, the children found organic shapes and discovered ways to color each with “analagous” color schemes. Beautiful work -The More I Look, the More I See!

2nd Grade: Frank Stella – Shapes and Color Schemes                                                          The students in Second Grade continued on their Contemporary artist unit a20170601_100125.jpgnd followed the work of Paul Klee with that of Frank Stella. Here they learned how Stella used a protractor to create interesting balanced compositions in a clean “minimalist” style. The children used oil pastel color schemes connected to the weather. Can you find which work of art has a Spring color palette?


Third Grade: Sumi Painting                             The traditional East Asian painting was an exciting discovery for Third grade. They were able to use Sumi brushes and black ink brushstrokes for bamboo trees and cherry blossom branches. The graceful calligraphy style was a wonderful challenge as students created fans, scroll art as well as expressive art on paper plates.  

                                                                                                                                                            4th Grade: 20170601_095917.jpgFine Art Drawing

This grade continued working on observational drawings that increased their visual skills. They learned how to use a “viewfinder” to focus on particular details. Next the students chose a common object to draw in an  ‘extreme close-up” view.  They used white charcoal for highlights and black for shadows as they discovered the beauty in simple things that are all around us.

5th Grade:  Step Into the Future with Art                                       20170601_100208-1.jpg    

Creativity on a roll. Students used their imagination to design the Nike of the future. Notice that many have a GPS, headphones and high tech apps along with gorgeous color designs.